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Youth On Health Festival

From its humble beginnings as a local Mandurah gig, with 10 schools participating at Mandurah High School in 1998 -YOH Fest has grown... and grown. YOH Fest now attracts around 250 entries a year, with more than 2000 active student participants. Today, YOH Fest has peer audiences of 50 000 WA pupils between the ages of 6 and 17, provides health curriculum assistance to 150 teachers and is shared with audiences of over 5 000. That's BIG!

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Mandjar 9X5 Celebration Dinner

This year the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery are celebrating the 2014 Mandjar 9X5 Art Auction with dinner and live entertainment on Friday 31st October at 6.30pm.

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Hot Shore Shuffle

Indian dancer Valli Batchelor brings her unique blend of Bollywood and traditional Indian dance to Mandurah for a special Indian Australian show. Dr Valli Batchelor is an international award-winning artist and academic who combines her expressive dance practice with global health and social inclusion projects in Australia, Asia and Saudi Arabia. Working with Indian dancers and world musicians, the show is an engaging interactive performance that incorporates Indian dance, rhythm and yoga accompanied by dynamic traditional Indian and Indigenous instrumentation. Warm up, chill out, and be thoroughly entertained by the sounds of fabulous live music on a Sunday afternoon. FREE EVENT! No tickets required.

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Footwork On Stage 2014

Performing live, the show will commence with Footwork's 17/u Contemporary Dance Troupe, currently preparing for a tour of Paris Disney. Packed full of entertainment and surprises, the afternoon promises to have something for all the family. We will ask you to sit back and relax as Footwork Dancers entertain and amaze you.

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Join Crab and Turtle for this fun-filled immersive journey into an undersea world, designed especially for children with special needs. Set in a beautiful ocean installation, there's plenty for your child to see, hear, smell, touch and taste as the story unfolds around them. Sensorium Theatre has worked with hundreds of children with special needs and can adapt each performance for your child’s needs, taking the whole family on an amazing journey beneath the sea! Also suitable for pre school children. Don’t forget to pack a towel! FREE EVENT

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'S' is sinuous, sophisticated, sensual and savage. S is a seductive world premiere by internationally acclaimed contemporary circus company Circa.

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CIRCA: Wunderkammer

In this exquisite cabaret of the senses, a diva melts into a rope, balloons and bubble wrap discover their artistic souls while bodies twist and fly.

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Unforgettable- The Music Of Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

Morning Melodies: Earl Cole and Chelsea J Gibson present the very best of the wonderful Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie Cole.

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Anh Do - The Happiest Refugee Live!!

When one of Australia's most talented comedians delves deep into his own life's joys and sorrows, the result is an unforgettable night at the theatre that leaves an audience uplifted and quite simply experiencing... happiness.

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DTX Studios Annual Dance Concert

Mandurah's local Dance studio DTX Studio proudly presents its 2014 Annual Dance Concert. Full of surprises and laughter whjich will not disappoint, come join us for a thoroughly entertaining evening of dance and performance!

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Celtic Legends

A show bathed in the traditional culture of music and dance of Ireland can now be seen in every corner of the planet.

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Valerie Heston 60th Anniversary Concert

The Valerie Heston school of Dance celebrate their 60 years with a concert extravaganza. From the littlest two year olds to the seniors, the dance concert showcases some incredible talent in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

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The Psychedelic Universe Show

The Cheap and Dodgy Team, Faart Carbunckle (David Templeman), Halitosis Jones (Geri Jones) and their girlfriend, Thistle (Carole Dhu) are proud to present our annual show at Christmas time, titled "THE PSYCHEDELIC UNIVERSE SHOW". This 1970's themed theatre extravaganza features an international act "THE RETIREMENT VILLAGE PEOPLE" and is sure to stun audiences. If you love crass humour, politically incorrect innuendoes and outrageously inept performances, then this is a show for you! Spoil someone you really dislike or a relative you'd rather forget with tickets to this show for Christmas.

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A Very Australian Christmas

A delightful Christmas show of comedy, drama and music recreating the excitement of the early days of live to audience radio drama, when sound effects were inventive and resourceful and actors really on their toes......

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Elvis Memories 80th Birthday Special

Get ready for the HOTTEST show of the year. This incredible show Celebrates the early Prime years of the greatest entertainer of all time, Elvis Presley. In this special celebration tour, you will relive the Excitement, Energy and Magic that Millions of fans enjoyed when Aaron Elvis Presley took the stage in the 50's, 60's and Early 70's. You can finally re-live all the magic and excitement of the King at his best and in his prime through "MEMORIES" The anniversary tour, as Anderson Presents each facet of Elvis's Prime musical career.

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Alice In Wonderland

One golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears down a nearby rabbit hole. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the burrow - and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland! Will she ever get home? Not if the Queen of Hearts has her way.

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The Listies Make You LOL!

The Listies, Australia's most sought kids' comedians are here to make you Laugh Out Loud! Imagine The Young Ones hosting Play School - if The Young Ones had downloaded two gigabytes of fart noises! The Listies make you LOL features alien attacks, toilet paper guns, spew, the rudest word in the world and the most disgusting pair of undies you have ever seen in your entire life. The Listies Make you LOL! is raucous, unruly and guaranteed to have the whole family (even dads) LOLing, ROFLing and ROFLSHALBOWCOing.* Don’t miss it! (*Rolling On the Floor Laughing So Hard a Little Bit of Wee Came Out)

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The Searchers

THE SEARCHERS are returning to Australian Shores for Special Anniversary Concert Tour in January/March 2015 performing their greatest hits Live-On-Stage.

Tickets currently not available.

Kasey Chambers

Multiple platinum selling and Aria award winning country artist Kasey Chambers performs all of her hits plus tracks from her new 7th studio album "Bittersweet" in one very special concert event.

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Elvis To The Max - The King In Concert

The "Elvis to the Max" show has successfully toured Australia for over a decade, always to sell-out crowds. Max goes beyond mere impersonation. His recreation of the Kings looks, moves, vocal style, impressions and humour is so accurate, its awe inspiring. The Australian tour will capture Elvis through the decades, recreating the early years, right through to the white eagle costume - featuring exact replicas made by Elvis' own tailor Bill Bellow. There are lots of Elvis impersonators around, but Max is considered as the best. Critics have described him as Elvis 'resurrected' and 'reincarnated'. It seems people just Can't help falling in love with Elvis to the Max.

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Moscow Ballet 'La Classique' Sleeping Beauty

Moscow Ballet 'La Classique' return down under with their spectacular masterpiece, Sleeping Beauty, ballet's most loved fairytale. They will dazzle you with the splendour of faultless ballet, lavish costumes and magnificent stage sets and take you on a mystical journey to the fairytale world of Princess Aurora and the Sleeping Beauty. Tickets on sale 1 December

Tickets currently not available.

Drumstruck - Direct On Africa

"DRUM STRUCK" has become a worldwide phenomenon billed as the first interactive drum-theatre experience, winning over audiences with its exhilarating presentation of African beats and explosive energy. This one of a kind show provides every audience member with a drum to play along with the on stage performers.

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Swan Lake- St Petersburg Ballet

Truly Russian classical ballet on a grand scale, the St Petersburg Ballet comes to Mandurah for two nights only to perform the world’s most loved ballet Swan Lake. Pre-sale 22nd October On sale general public 27th October

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GOLD - The Ultimate ABBA Show

In 2014, GOLD The Ultimate ABBA Show landed in Australia for their "New Arrival Tour" performing to sold-out houses and playing to over 10,000 people across the country. Now Happy Days Records are thrilled to present them once again in 2015 for their new show celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Mamma Mia.

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Adam Harvey - Family Life Tour

With a career spanning almost twenty years, half a million album sales, gold and platinum albums and eight Golden Guitar Awards, Adam Harvey is one of Australia's most popular & enduring recording artists. His new album 'Family Life', released on August 22nd, follows the outstanding success of 'The Great Country Songbook', his platinum selling album with Troy Cassar-Daley.

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Beatles Forever

Happy Days Records for the first time in Australia presents "The Beatles Forever" in a never before seen or heard audio and visual concert spectacular. "The Beatles Forever" are a band of 4 musicians in Beatles character performing The Beatles No 1's album in its entirety. With an Australian first you the public not only get to enjoy a live concert show but you get to SING-A-LONG to each song as the words are up on the big screen behind the band with a visual display running in synch to each and every hit song. Do not miss this ground breaking live audio and visual concert encompassing the timeless music of The Beatles and SING-A-LONG with all their hits. The Beatles Forever will make you think, "forever The Beatles!"

Tickets currently not available.

Johnny Cash The Concert - 60 Years Of Cash 1955 - 2015

Since 2009, Award-Winning singer Daniel Thompson & Australian guitar master Stuie French have been wowing Australian audiences with Johnny Cash The Concert, keeping the spirit of the Man in Black alive with their authentic tribute to Johnny Cash and his music.

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