Dance Engagement Program

MANPAC’s Dance Engagement Program brings a vibrant suite of dance opportunities through touring shows, workshops, classes, residencies and local performances.

At MANPAC we believe everyone is born to boogie so we’re committed to breaking down the barriers such an abstract, ethereal art form can present.

To pack as much punch as a Beyoncé video our dance program focuses on three key groups:


Dance show and workshop goers of all ages, abilities and experiences.

Professional Dance Artists

Quality makers, performers, teachers and practitioners.

First Nations Dancers

Local Bindjareb mobs and visiting Indigenous dance custodians.

Our dance programs are constantly evolving but some of our favourites for 2019 are Dance For Parkinson’s Class, Hidden Movements, MOORINGS Contemporary Dance Residencies, Pre-Show Talks and our work with Bibbulmun Koorda Ngoons.

We’re deeply passionate about our local mob’s moves and are always looking for new ways to support our current and future dance leaders. So if that sounds like you, someone you know or you want to find out more about our dance opportunities make sure you get in touch with our Dance Engagement Officer, Bernadette Lewis (