Didge Therapy Workshops Event DatesWed 24 Jul 2019 - Thu 22 Aug 2019

Didge Therapy Workshops

Hosted by George Whalley ADD TO FAVOURITES

A didgeridoo workshop reveals the instrument’s powers to reduce stress, blood pressure, and pain and promote an intense feeling of peace and well-being

Low-frequency ultrasound waves that can be both heard and felt, the didgeridoo is also used as a healing instrument to promote both relaxation and energy.

This workshop is for the participant to enjoy peace and well-being and they will be lying on the studio floor, so please bring along something to lay on and even a blanket to wrap over yourself.

The participant will not be learning to play the Didge

Didge Sound Therapy

In trying to explain the didge earth sounds as a therapy, the testimonies are perhaps best with people who have experienced and provided feedback to say that something happened that was positive and relaxing experience. Sound therapies universally have intentions to provide an opportunity to assist people to relax for a moment and appreciate what happened.
Some people can explain the didge sound therapy very eloquently in how it affected them as an earthy sound and the relaxation it provided. Other people might say the didge sound therapy was very nice and appreciated. However people are impacted, the intention has always been to provide an opportunity to experience the peaceful earthy sounds and let people make up their own mind.

Some people have said that the didgeridoo sounds are a pure form of sounds that resinate from the earth. It is the energetic vibrations that pulsate through your body and connect you to the land. The effect of didge sound therapy can have a different meaning for different people


Duration 50 minutes