Hot Shore Shuffle – Soukouss Internationale Event DatesSun 18 Apr 2021 LiveLighter presents

Hot Shore Shuffle – Soukouss Internationale

Joyous Congolese Beats ADD TO FAVOURITES

From the old worlds to the new world, the LiveLighter Hot Shore Shuffle showcases a diversity of high-quality music and dance from around the globe

Enjoy these free Sunday afternoon sojourns 1pm – 3pm featuring some of our top multicultural talent,  supported by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message, we are keen to support our community to change the food and physical activity environment.

This multicultural collective of performers showcases the utter infectiousness of high-energy African song and dance. With members hailing from Mozambique, Cuba, France, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, UK, Sierra Leone, and Australia, it’s always an authentic, colourful and energetic show celebrating the iconic Congolese musical style known as ‘soukouss’. The guitar solos and percussive rhythms conspire to lift you to the air, while the seductive basslines make sure that your feet are kept dancing on the ground. Soukouss Internationale performances are pure joy featuring explosive African dancers and charismatic frontman vocalist Quentin Thony.

This is a dynamic African show guaranteed to get you moving.

Duration 2 hours 20 minute interval

Recommended Age & Warnings
All ages welcome