Hot Shore Shuffle – Shangara Jive Event Dates03 Nov Act-Belong-Commit presents

Hot Shore Shuffle – Shangara Jive

Zimbabwean Afro Roots ADD TO FAVOURITES
Hot Shore Shuffle

Shangara Jive perform songs in Shona and English that reflects the day to day culture of living in Africa.

Featuring the traditional mbira (thumb piano), they play a variety of African music styles including kwassa kwassa, roots reggae, soka beat, jit, chimurenga and soukous. Their strong rhythmic style is inspired by the dynamic drumming and dance troupes in Zimbabwe and flavoured with influences from the Congo, South Africa and Senegal.

From the old worlds to the new world, the Hot Shore Shuffle 2019 concert series continues to showcase a diversity of high-quality music and dance from around the globe at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.   Enjoy these free Sunday afternoon sojourns featuring some of our top multicultural talent.

Duration 2 hours 20 minute interval