**Sold Out!** Sunset Strip Event DatesWed 30 Oct 2019 Critical Stages & The Uncertainty Principle and ManPAC presents

**Sold Out!** Sunset Strip


Sunset Strip is a new Australian dramatic comedy about all manners of love, family dysfunction, prosthetic breasts, and making the best of lousy situations.

Award-winning playwright, Suzie Miller returns to the Stables with an all-star cast and lauded director Anthony Skuse, to examine love, family dysfunction and making the best of bad situations (and prosthetic breasts!), in the world premiere of her latest work, Sunset Strip this June as part of Griffin’s 2017 Independent Season.

After a long bout of chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, Caroline (Georgina Symes) returns home to Sunset Strip – this once thriving summer hot-spot, now sees the lake completely dried up and the holiday-makers long gone. Yet Caroline’s younger sister, the ever-optimistic Phoebe (Emma Jackson), remains doggedly hopeful that things WILL GET BETTER.

Between a stint in rehab, caring for her dementia-suffering father (Lex Marinos) who has a penchant for training goldfish, and losing her kids temporarily to DOCS, Phoebe has finally managed to find love and security in Teddy, (Simon Lyndon) a local fella with a big demons and bigger heart, and now that Caroline is back, Phoebe is blindly determined to prove that life can be as fabulous as it once was.

Sunset Strip is a play about families and people that find themselves placed in sorry situations, as so many do. Miller’s deft writing and Skuse’s razor-sharp direction perfectly reflects how people bumble through life against all sorts of challenges, some of which leave scars but make people stronger, and some that will never be completely overcome.

Sunset Strip is a dark, very funny and hopeful look at those ‘why me?’ moments that touch and colour so many lives. It is in these depths of the human experience that some of the most beautiful and most hilarious moments are found.


Duration 90 minutes, no interval
Director Anthony Skuse – Director
Writers Suzie Miller – Playwright
Creative Team Emma Jackson - Phoebe Simon Lyndon - Teddy Lex Marinos – Dad/Ray Eloise Snape - Caroline

Recommended Age & Warnings
Contains use of theatrical haze, smoking of herbal cigarettes and reference to drug use. Adult (but suitable for ages 15+)