Stunning, graceful and evocative, Reclaimed Pianos is an intimate new creation by internationally
renowned company Circa, that taps into the piano’s magical ability to transport
us through time and to other places.   Circa’s
acrobats breathe fresh life to music layered with a soundscape of local voices
– from classical recitals to family sing-alongs, pianos have stories to tell.


We are inviting the Peel Region community to share stories about
your connections to music and pianos, listening, learning and playing.   Getting involved is easy – just fill in the
survey (print or online) and we’ll be in contact.  Your stories will be shared with Circa, and may
end up in the final production of Reclaimed
, touring the Peel Region in October / November 2018. We’ll also let
you know about community sessions in August, when Circa will travel through the
Peel Region, to meet and record the voices and stories of the community, as
part of the Reclaimed Pianos

The survey can be done online at https://goo.gl/forms/Z1W8QlrzFc5tsCzp1

For more information or to receive a printed survey (and
stamped return envelope), contact Helen Coleman on 0427 383 620 or coleman_clan@bigpond.com