Bamberts Book of Lost Stories


This is the story of Bambert – an impossibly small man with an enormous love for writing. Tucked away in his quiet attic, and surrounded by books of every kind, he doesn’t ever go outside. Mr Bloom, who runs the grocery store downstairs, sends up breakfasts, letters and messages, in a little elevator. Bambert’s life is a quiet one – but although he is alone, Bambert is never lonely. Because tucked away inside his stories are his friends – his characters.

But one day, Bambert realises something – if he’s never been out into the world himself, how can his stories possibly be real? He decides to set his stories free, to send them out into the world on little balloons, in the hope that they will find a home. The stories contain instructions: the finder must return them to Bambert, postmarked, so he knows where they should now be set. The final story Bambert sends out into the world is blank: Bambert hopes that, somehow, it will write itself.

He waits, and waits… and finally, they are returned, with postmarks from all over the globe. From Spain comes a story of a Princess seeking the key to truth; from London, a hair-raising tale of waxwork figures; in Russia, a beam of light in a prison cell offers a ray of hope to imprisoned writers; and in Poland, nature conspires to help re-imagine a kinder version of history. But what of the final story – the one he hoped would write itself? As Mr Bloom watches on from downstairs, Bambert grows more and more restless.

Will his final story ever return to him?



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