Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday

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Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday celebrates two epic birthdays – eighteen and eighty – major transition points in adult life.

One represents untold potential and opportunity; the other a lifetime of experiences, aspirations, fears and memories. Scripted from intimate real-life conversations with people either side of these milestones, Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is a beautifully warm and human show from Roslyn Oades & Collaborators.

Playful and affecting in equal measure, this Melbourne Festival and Malthouse Theatre hit sees Oades continue her ground-breaking ‘headphone verbatim’ documentary theatre technique that creates extraordinarily immediate and vivid performances.

“One of the most charming shows of the year” ABC Arts



"one of the most charming shows of the year. Hello, Goodbye, Happy Birthday is a truly celebratory glimpse of the vitality and resistance of two groups of people often marginalised or portrayed in ageist stereotypes." ABC Arts


“Oades' deftly executed approach circumvents the risk of racial parody inherent in cross-cultural material, aided by faultless performances.” The Age


“What we hear and see is a collision of realities, a juxtaposition of the 18 year-olds’ ebullient, puppy-like youthfulness against the 80 year-olds’ lack of energy and more sedentary, introspective lives.” Herald Sun


Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is an extraordinarily powerful piece of theatre, both playful and sad; it vividly captures the peaks and troughs of life from many facets of society, the young, the older and the many immigrants that we share our lives with. In the end, as diverse as we all are, the similarities are evident in the way we lead our lives in the pursuit of happiness and love.”(5 stars) Melbourne. Arts. Fashion.


Hello, Goodbye and Happy Birthday reflects back upon the audience a kaleidoscopic set of attitudes to age; to confound, amuse and delight.” Arts Hub


“audio documentary rendered as magnificent verbatim theatre…infused with a terrific sense of life rarely felt in a theatre.” RealTime Arts Magazine


“The work is utterly heart-warming, and often hilarious, and in its depiction of a man whose wife has slid into dementia — captured with exceptional sensitivity and skill by Matthew Connell — it harbours the kind of heart-rending depth that’s hard to find on any Melbourne mainstage.” Concrete Playground



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