Spring into ManPAC !

Our leading show on offer in Spring is FEARLESS, produced here at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre by MAXIMA featuring incredible performers and local talent. FEARLESS combines circus, theatre, puppetry and clowning in celebration of this crazy wild and wonderful thing called life!
Another highlight in our packed program is Carnival of the Animals By Circa during the school holidays. Carnival of the
Animals whisks you away on a thrilling circus escapade inspired by Camille Saint-Saëns delightful salute to feathers, fur and
fins. Circa’s acrobats bring this classical music suite to life for a whole new generation of circus, music and animal lovers. During the school holidays we will also have lots of fun activities and a pajama party hosted by Mandurah Library, so make sure you check out the Splash! program for more details.

Look through the Calendar of events and find your favourites in this great Spring celebration of arts & culture!

Download the electronic version of our calendar here!  Mandurah Performing arts centre Spring 2017 Edition!