Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery

Mandjar Art Awards 2021

Due to the uncertainty and restrictions created by Covid 19 the much anticipated Mandjar Art Awards have been postponed for 2021. The exhibition has been great opportunity for artists of all levels to display their work and participate in our vibrant local arts community. With this in mind we will be reviewing the current format of the awards and announcing any changes for our 2022 program.

The Alcoa Gallery features a full program of events for 2021 and we are working towards creating new and exciting opportunities for our arts community in our additional spaces to engage with the viewing public. We look forward to presenting our program and encourage everyone to visit the gallery spaces and participate in the experience of the artwork we have on offer.


Located against the backdrop of Mandjar Bay, the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery creates new experiences and opportunities for local artists and the viewing public. Our galley spaces feature and promote contemporary, traditional and indigenous artworks across a wide range of media and subjects.

Community engagement are key areas of our gallery program with a focus on presenting and promoting the artists and creative talents found in our local area.  With three gallery spaces we offer members of our vibrant arts community the opportunity to showcase their work, build their art practice and audience.

Along with a local focus, our art spaces will feature exhibitions from outside our region providing access to new and exciting cultural experiences. Opportunities for education and public engagement will be available to our audiences allowing the experience of art to be positive and rewarding.

Our art galleries are open during box office hours and during performances in the Boardwalk and Fishtrap theatres. All members of the public are welcome to our exhibition openings, which provide a great opportunity engage with the art, the artists and the wider artistic community.

Exhibitions are programmed approximately two to three years in advance and feature:

Mandjar Art Awards

Community access exhibitions featuring local artists and cultural organisations

Touring exhibitions presented in partnership with significant Australian arts and cultural organisations.

A key objective of the Gallery’s program is to support artists within the local community and provide professional development opportunities associated with the exhibition program.

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