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The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is a world class facility for the community of Mandurah and the Peel region.

We believe our community deserves and benefits from a rich and diverse cultural life, supporting local practitioners to develop their skills, celebrating local stories told by local artists, as well as presenting visiting world class shows.

As witness to this, over 150,000 people visit the Centre each year and it is the leading arts and cultural institution south of the Swan River. Our aim is to immerse our community in the experiences we present and inspire creativity in our audiences.

Importantly, only 39% of the Centre’s income is funded through our funding and sponsorship partners. The balance of our income comes from box office and earned income. We are grateful for the considerable contribution made by the Friends of MPAC (FOMPAC) and our many volunteers.

1) Become a Patron


Star Patron $10,000

Diamond Patron $5,000

Platinum Patron $1,000

Gold Patron $500

Silver Patron $250


You become an MPAC Patron by either:

a one time donation;

an annual donation;

a recurring annual donation; or

a deferred gift or bequest.

The total lifetime donation determines the Patronage acknowledgment level.


 Supporting our artists to discover and tell our local stories,

 Providing local youth culturally rich experiences to shape their future,

 Offering our wider community a diverse, enriched, artistic and cultural life.

“During my lifetime and career in Mandurah I have seen the community grow, developing all the trappings that make our city such a vital and vibrant place to live and enjoy the good life. The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is a major part of what makes Mandurah what it is today. An outstanding venue in an exceptional location the MPAC provides opportunities for members of our community to participate in the arts and brings the world to us through cultural experiences enriching our lives in so many special ways. It is a jewel in the crown that is Mandurah”.

John Perry, MPAC Diamond Patron

2) Become a FOMPAC member or volunteer

We have a fantastic team of local people, the Friends of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, some of whom volunteer their time in a range of regular roles, such as ushering, serving tea and coffee, assisting with events, or assisting with marketing tasks.

In return for their support FOMPAC members receive a range of benefits including tickets at a discount rate and invitations to a range of soirees and social events.

If you’d like to join FOMPAC simply call the Box Office on 9550 3900, pop into the centre or download and print out the form below. Once you have it completed please drop it off at the Box Office or mail it to us at:

Box Office

Mandurah Performing Arts

Centre PO Box 1049, Mandurah WA 6210

3) Become a corporate sponsor (or help us find one…)

We have some wonderful corporate sponsors, but we’re always on the look-out for more. Sponsors give us either direct financial support or services we need to run our business. In return, they receive a tailored package of benefits including things like theatre tickets for corporate entertaining, marketing opportunities, access to our facilities for corporate use, and special offers for customers, clients or employees. So if you run a business that would like to support us, or think you know of one that might, we’d like to hear from you.

For more information (or to give us a lead!) contact MPAC’s Marketing Officer Alison Pinder at or on (08) 9550 3920.