Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery

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Reflecting with Art

A tailored art appreciation & reflection program for people living with dementia. Art as a tool to explore and reflect has been found to enhance socialisation and communication for people

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Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition presented by Act-Belong-Commit

The Wearable Art Exhibition has emerged from the innovative Common Threads Wearable Art competition and performance that commenced  in 2011 as part of Stretch Arts Festival Mandurah. This show has

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MANDURAH 1920’s to 2017 (Roy Whitehead collection)

An exhibition of digital images taken from photographs of the 1920’s to the present day in partnership with the Mandurah Museum and supported by the MPAC patrons program.   Exhibitied

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Young Artist’s Perspectives 2017

The Young Artists Perspectives exhibition and program will provide students with a forum to express their ambitions and apprehensions in relation to their future and that of society. A project

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spaced 2

Spaced is a recurring international event of socially engaged art. Conceived and coordinated by International Art Space (formerly IASKA) spaced brings together international and Australian artists with communities throughout Western

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