Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery

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Mandurah Plein Air Artists

Plein air painting is a phrase borrowed from the French equivalent meaning “open (in full) air”. Artists have long painted outdoors, but in the mid-19th century, working in natural light

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ACO Virtual

ACO Virtual presents the Australian Chamber Orchestra as you have never seen them before. This world-first installation places visitors in the middle of the virtual orchestra where they can conduct,

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Dead Centre – presented by ART ON THE MOVE

Artists:  Tony Albert (NSW), Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Olga Cironis (WA), Barbara a Cleveland Institute (NSW), Nathan Beard (WA), Megan Cope (VIC), Liam Colgan (WA), Thea Costantino (WA), Léuli Eshraghi (VIC),

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Reflecting with Art

A tailored art appreciation & reflection program for people living with dementia. Art as a tool to explore and reflect has been found to enhance socialisation and communication for people

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