Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery

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SciFi Time and Space

CITY OF MANDURAH STRETCH ARTS FESTIVAL This exhibition called SciFi is an unashamed homage to various classic science fiction films, each rendered out as a single wide-panoramic unique print. The

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Camera on Gallipolli

The exhibition consists of a series of 39 historic photographs taken at Gallipoli printed on large aluminum panels, plus 6 didactic panels. In 1915 soldier and surgeon Sir Charles Ryan captured

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The Whimsical Menagerie

FOYER GALLERY: “THE WHIMSICAL MENAGERIE” JILL FRYER and JOHN PANNELL An exhibition of illustrations by artist Jill Fryer and “The Whimsical Menagerie” book launch by author John Pannell Jill’s drawings

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Reflecting with Art

A tailored art appreciation & reflection program for people living with dementia. Art as a tool to explore and reflect has been found to enhance socialisation and communication for people

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