Crunch&Sip Big Dress-Up Day and Parade 2023

The Crunch&Sip Big Dress Up Day and Parade was a vibrant and exhilarating carnival of color, costume, music, and pure fun. Participants were encouraged to arrive at ManPAC adorned in their creative costumes or ready to craft a brand-new look on the spot. Before the grand parade at 12:30 pm, there was ample time for attendees to channel their inner artists, making instruments and accessories to enhance their already captivating outfits. Led by the infectious beats of Junkadelic, the parade was a whirlwind of joy, filled with a kaleidoscope of colors, infectious music, lively dance, and boundless laughter. It was an event where families could come together, celebrate creativity, and revel in the spirit of togetherness, all while enjoying Crunch&Sip food demos and tastings throughout the day. Best of all, this was a free event, making it accessible and enjoyable for the entire family. Thanks to our friends at Anglicare WA for their fantastic support too!

This event was a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate creativity, music, and healthy snacking, even Crunchy Carrot and Wacky Watermelon from StiltWalking & Enchanted Characters joined in the fun!

Photos: Mark Labrow