Airborne Event Dates03 May 2019 - 04 May 2019 ManPAC presents



Dynamic, raw, gutsy and courageous, we will watch acrobats, skaters, dancers and circus performers meet and face off against each other, as they consider their fears and insecurities and discover what it means to support and trust one another.

In Mandurah we continue to open up the conversation around critical issues such as escalating violence, mental health (suicide & self-harm), high youth and adult unemployment.

This timely work is inspired by the growing need for us as individuals and a community, to ‘embrace’ and celebrate our Youth, in particular young men. How there is a growing tide of distrust, misunderstanding and rising violence fostering fear and uncertainty in terms of local Youth.

Airborne invites our young men to consider their fears and insecurities, taking healthy risks, while encouraging values of understanding, cooperation, cultural awareness and tolerance within all sections of our society. Circus is an ideal form to explore these themes as we witness artists challenging themselves physically and mentally, as they place their bodies (& lives) in each other’s hands. How essential trust, working together and supporting each other is in helping us to achieve more than we might ever create on our own.

We invite our community to embrace and celebrate moving forwards to an expansive and sustainable future for our Youth: a vision for Mandurah, Peel and the wider community. Lets explore the concept of flight and taking healthy risks.

Duration 60 minutes No interval
Director Tracey Harrington