Alpha Omega Event DatesFri 07 Jun 2024 - Sun 14 Jul 2024 ManPac Presents

Alpha Omega

Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery ADD TO FAVOURITES

An exploration of the self through glimpses of humanity, spiritual surrealism, and the cosmic web of existence.

The exhibition features three artists:

Helen Henderson

Lorraine Bawden

Carmen Tyrer

Helen Henderson
I am a Peel based, abstract, artist, inspired by the vibrant colours, bright light and space of our planet’s pristine beaches, forests, vivid landscapes, and vast night skies.
Primarily working in resin and mixed media, impressions of natural landscapes and skyscapes are built up in layers and manipulated to create a brilliance and depth that is aimed at enchanting the viewer.
My body of work aims to challenge observers to reflect on the cyclical nature of life, the universe and everything in between. From Beginning to End…Alpha Omega.

Lorraine Bawden
My work created for this exhibition is how I have perceived Alpha and Omega, through the eyes, actions, and desires of man from the beginning of time.
Much focus has been on their emotions through various journeys. I have included the stories that have been carried through generations and the seasons allotted to us, the elements fierce and beautiful. There have always been the conquerors and the conquered. Has mankind changed?
Our world has advanced and accomplished so much, however in my eyes man’s nature is still the same. We still have the conquerors and the conquered, the humble, the meek and arrogant. We still have choices.

Carmen Tyrer
I came to Australia from Chile as a refuge in 1985 under the Hawke government.
My life has been an unexpected whirlwind of changes, and so my art is a reflection of my life experiences wandering about continents, countries and, states and cities within Australia.
I work in different media like textiles, canvas, paper, clay, cold porcelain, Euclay etc. I am exhibiting for the first-time pieces made using “Euclay” a clay I developed recently using ground dry eucalyptus leaves and bark.

Official opening 6pm, Friday 7th June. All welcome.

Duration 7th June – 14th July


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