Ashley Hay – Tree Stories Event DatesFri 26 Jul 2019 - Sun 01 Sep 2019 Solo Exhibition

Ashley Hay – Tree Stories

Friday 26 July - Sunday 1 September 2019 ADD TO FAVOURITES

The official opening will be held on Friday 26 July at 6.30pm. The Exhibition will continue until Sunday 1 September 2019.

Ashley Hay is a local artist, whose interest lies in capturing ‘story’ and ‘place’ in her artwork. She approaches visual imagery with a Spiritual ethos… as an intuitive response to the environment. Her work is like opening the curtain on the theatre of life.

“I need to ‘be’ and ‘feel’ connected with my work, so often it has a sense of personal meaning that is based on my ‘story’ or ‘journey’.

Through my work I hope to communicate sense of peace and rest that can be found in nature, when we allow ourselves to slowdown and contemplate the beauty of the world in which we live.

”TREE STORIES”…, opening at MPAC, in July, 2019 will be a celebration of nature and an expression of the artists’ felt, spiritual response to the call of the wild.

Through the artwork, Ashley endeavours to evoke an emotional response in the viewer that draws them into a place where they connect with their own passion and feel the call of the soulful song of whispers on the wind.

Duration Friday 26 July - Sunday 1 September 2019