Bindjareb Art Awards (workshop)


As part of the 2020 Bindjareb Art Awards we are hosting tours & workshops with Aboriginal Artist Daniel McHenry.

The annual Bindjareb Art Awards is an exhibition of invited contemporary Noongar artists showcasing culturally significant artworks that reflect the world’s oldest living culture. This is an exhibition of new works created specifically for this acquisitive award that recognises the contribution made by Indigenous artists in the South West of Australia.

As part of this exhibition, we are hosting workshops with Daniel McHenry, a local Indigenous artist. The workshop will involve a tour of the exhibition, sharing story, painting skills & students creating their own response work.

Workshop dates: Mon 27th to Wed 29th July
Workshop times: 9.30am & 12.30pm, 2hr15 duration
Ages: Yrs 5 to 9
Cost: $10 per child
Bookings: email

Exhibition dates: Fri 19 June to Sun 2 Aug

Duration 2hr15