Cheer-Dance Spectacular Event DatesFri 15 Sep 2023 Safety Bay Senior High School

Cheer-Dance Spectacular

End of Year Showcase ADD TO FAVOURITES

End of year showcase! SBSHS’s Cheer-Dance Specialist Program is the first of its kind in Western Australia with accredited coaches in both Cheer & Dance on staff.

The Safety Bay Senior High School Cheer-Dance Specialist Program is dedicated to the growth and development of young Cheerleaders and Dancers.

We will accomplish this by encouraging positive attitudes, healthy lifestyles, work ethic, discipline and perseverance.

We believe that in developing these traits, our young members will not only be successful in Cheerleading and Dance, but successful in LIFE!

Duration 2.5 Hours 20 minute interval

Recommended Age & Warnings
All ages. Hazer