Mahamudo Selimane Band – Mozambican Rhythms Event DatesSun 29 May 2022 Livelighter Presents

Mahamudo Selimane Band – Mozambican Rhythms

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Originally from Mozambique, Mahamudo Selimane has toured the world for many years with his ground-breaking East African group Eyuphuro.

Mahamudo played the Festival of Perth in the late 90’s and moved to Western Australia several years later. He is a master of the Congolese rumba guitar style and has shared his African music expertise with many local musicians. He has played for several leading local African bands including Soukouss Internationale and the Grace Barbe band. In 2021, he worked with Kenyan-born actor Mararo Wanga, and composed the music for the Perth Festival show Black Brass that toured across Australia. He has a great line-up of supporting musicians for his new band that showcases his wonderful talent.

Enjoy these free Sunday afternoon sojourns 1pm – 3pm featuring some of our top multicultural talent, supported by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message, we are keen to support our community to change the food and physical activity environment.

Duration 2 Hours