Mandurah Sound Art Showcase Event DatesSat 14 Oct 2023 Tone List & Mandurah Arts Festival Present

Mandurah Sound Art Showcase


Experience the new and unusual in sound art at this special performance brought to you by Tone List.

Event Content: A short performance program of fascinating, experimental and unusual music from artists with strong connections to Mandjoogoordap.  Across three projects, artists explore diverse takes on new ideas in sound and listening today.

Josten Myburgh plays virtuosic and enrapturing music on solo alto saxophone, exploring circular breathing and other unusual techniques on the instrument.  Newly-formed duo Panamuna Triangle play a hypnotic, free-form take on post-punk, inspired by noise music and ambient jazz alike. Rhys Channing (aka Tilde~) makes use of percussion instruments, nature recordings and computer-generated electronic sounds to produce beautiful and highly textured sounds for immersive listening.

Limited spaces available. Light catering provided.

This event is part of the Mandurah Arts Festival, 22 September – 22 October 2023

Presented by Tone List in association with Sound Exploration Fremantle.

Duration 1 Hour

Recommended Age & Warnings

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Mandurah Arts Festival