Out from the Mist Event DatesMon 23 Jan 2023 - Fri 17 Mar 2023 Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery Presents

Out from the Mist

Representations of Mental Illness ADD TO FAVOURITES

A photography, short movie and music competition on representations of Mental Illness.

Harnessing the power of storytelling, it curates’ individual stories to shed unique insights into the experience of mental illness, and gives those who have experienced mental illness a platform to proudly share their work.

The competition hopes to capture the breadth of the diversity, from the experiences of pain and suffering, caring and empathy for loved ones, through to the elations of conquering obstacles.

Artwork submitted for the competition then goes onto a travelling roadshow across Australia as well as pop up exhibitions during Mental Health Conferences.

Out From The Mist – The Backstory

Duration 23 January - 17 March Representation of Mental Illness

Recommended Age & Warnings
This exhibition may contain triggering and or sensitive material. Suicide and self-harm are some of the topics exhibited at this event. Audience discretion is advised.