Peel MALA Summer School 2024 Event DatesMon 08 Jan 2024 - Fri 12 Jan 2024 Mature Adults learning Association Inc. ( MALA)

Peel MALA Summer School 2024

Proudly presented by the Peel Branch ADD TO FAVOURITES

Are you curious about this world we live in? Technology getting too much for you? Worried for the environment and disastrous bushfires? Local History your thing? Want to have a healthier gut? Then come along to our series of 2 hour lectures, covering Local, National and World-wide matters. All delivered by experts in their field.

Tesla -who was he?
Heritage, whose and what?
Confused about waste? Then come hear Candice Meyers.

Does the English Language cover everything? Why haven’t we discovered aliens yet? Ukraine v Russia – what might be the outcomes?

Have your input during question time. Everybody welcome.


N.B: Monday’s 1pm presentation by Tom Perrigo has now been replaced by Professor Hughes-d’Aeth. His talk will be on Literary Witnesses to the History of 20th Century Wheat Belt.


Duration 9.30am-3.00pm Monday 8th January to Friday 12th January.