Summer Bonsai in Mandurah Event DatesMon 11 Jan 2021 - Fri 15 Jan 2021 Mandurah Bonsai presents

Summer Bonsai in Mandurah


Come along to the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and see an amazing selection of beautiful bonsai trees, highlighting the skills of local Mandurah Bonsai enthusiasts. Free for the whole family.

Mandurah Bonsai is a group of active members of The Bonsai Society of WA and/or The Bonsai Workshop Inc. It was created in early 2019 with a goal to provide bonsai enthusiasts in the Mandurah and adjoining regions, an avenue to enhance and promote bonsai understanding and techniques.

Mandurah Bonsai achieves this goal primarily in the form of a monthly Sunday workshop where both practical and theoretical skills and experiences are shared within the group. Coupled with the workshop is a newly formed Facebook group to disseminate even more information.

Mandurah Bonsai, in conjunction with The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre would like to present a selection of bonsai trees, hand crafted and sculptured by local enthusiasts from the Mandurah regions.

Bonsai has its roots in China, originating from the art of penjing. Also called penzai, the word that was turned into bonsai in Japanese, describing the practice of creating miniature trees and landscapes.

Bonsai isn’t just simple gardening. Bonsai is a living art form, manipulated by man’s hand to resemble some of natures’ best works. Take the time to appreciate their gentle canopy outlines, their mesmerising trunk movement, their impressive branch structure, all culminating in a miniature version of their wild counterparts. Imagine the tree sitting in nature, alone on the horizon, beckoning you to take in all its majestic beauty and you will understand the draw of bonsai to the artist. Every single bonsai represents years of work and care – and the calm, meditative hand of a human being behind it.

On 13th – 16th October 2022 Perth, Western Australia is proud to present the 9th World Bonsai Convention 2022. For the first time, Australia and New Zealand has been bestowed the honour of playing host to this internationally-renowned convention, which only occurs once every four years. Potentially one of these trees may find itself standing alongside other West Australian bonsai trees, displayed for both you and the world to appreciate.

Mandurah Bonsai

Bonsai Society of Western Australia

The Bonsai Workshop Inc

9th World Bonsai Convention 2021, Perth WA 2022

Duration 9am to 4pm Daily