THE BEAUTY INDEX Event DatesSat 01 May 2021


By Annette Carmichael Projects ADD TO FAVOURITES

Dance by ordinary men doing extraordinary things.

Men with no prior dance experience, step bravely from the shadows to create an unbreakable bond, in this transformational dance show.

Powerful, complex, intense. This is a brotherhood of ordinary men doing extraordinary things.

A rare chance for men of all ages, from all backgrounds, to stand up and show a future filled with hope, humanity and compassion.

We are more than our words…we speak physically, through our movements…our message is clear…men can dance.

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre will be engaging 5 – 10 men from our community and train them over one week to perform with 5 members from the original cast. This work challenges stereotypes about men and offers a transformational experience for community members.  This project encourages creative expression, design-thinking and social connection. For more details on how to get involved please email Mark Labrow 

This project is supported through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions Program as part of the Regional Arts and Cultural Investment Program, and Regional Arts WA.



Duration 45 Mins
Director Annette Carmichael