The Fokker is Lost! Event DatesSun 03 Dec 2023 - Tue 05 Dec 2023 Cheap and Dodgy Presents

The Fokker is Lost!


The Cheap and Dodgy Team find themselves marooned on a deserted island….or is it?

Folks it’s Up Up and Away and time to strap yourselves into your Cheap and Dodgy Airlines seat for this year’s show of mayhem and hilarity. The Cheap and Dodgy team of Carole Dhu and David Templeman launch their inaugural Cheap and Dodgy Airlines flight from Mandurah to Bali on board a very dodgy Fokker 100 Airplane.

Our no thrills, very low budget airline takes you, the long suffering passengers, on a whirlwind flight that crash lands on a seemingly deserted island, marooning everyone on a place of intrigue and mystery.

Join Captain Lance Boil (David Templeman), Flight Lieutenant Jeremy Plummet ( Andy Peckover) and flight crew Daphne Stench (Carole Dhu), Quentin Fizz (Stephen Carter) and Norton the Baggage Handler (Samuel Templeman) as they bring to you a show full of rasping singing, inappropriate skits, politically incorrect innuendoes and crap choreography !

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Duration 180 minutes

Recommended Age & Warnings
Age 16+