The Sunshine Club Event DatesFri 10 Nov 2023 ManPAC & HIT Productions Present

The Sunshine Club

Musical Theatre

Set in 1946, the joyful and acclaimed musical The Sunshine Club, tells the story of Aboriginal soldier Frank Doyle, who is just returning home to Brisbane after serving in WW2, to find that, while the world may have changed, the same attitudes and prejudices still exist at home.

But this only fills Frank with a strong desire to change things for the better by setting up The Sunshine Club. A place where all people are welcome to come together, laugh, romance and dance the night away as Frank sets out to win the heart of Rose, the girl from next door. The Sunshine Club is a gloriously energetic, thought provoking and above all entertaining night of theatre.

The Sunshine Club is essential viewing – foremost for the joyous musical talent of its cast, but also for its story of local history and optimistic message of community strength in diversity.Stage Whispers

The story is told in the genre of a musical, suiting the dance club theme but giving it another layer of complexity… the song and dance delivery around intertwining love stories makes for a compelling story of humanity, hope and despair. Enoch directs with finesse and sensitivity.Arts Hub

“The openness and joy radiating from The Sunshine Club is certain to make your spirits soar.” Sydney Morning Herald

“An unashamedly feel-good musical.” The Australian

Duration 2 Hours 30 Minutes 20 Minute Interval
Director Wesley Enoch
Writers Wesley Enoch
Creative Team Music by John Rodgers Wayne Freer – Musical Director

Recommended Age & Warnings
This show contains theatrical haze and mature themes including a reference to abortion.

Arts Council
The Sunshine Club