Tide Tales 2.0 Event DatesWed 02 Jun 2021 - Sat 05 Jun 2021 Riptide Youth Performance Company

Tide Tales 2.0


Three fresh Riptide writers and directors bring you an evening of three short plays- there's celestial romance & poetry, dinner rediscovering true selves, and wildly paced media satire!

One theatre company, three short plays, one evening celebrating art made by young people!


Written by Jessika Gooch, directed by Teaghan Lowry

Sun and moon, two lovers destined to be apart; when they meet the universe just seems right- but what happens to Earth in the shadow of their solar eclipse?


Potluck at Nine

Written by Emily Burton, directed by George Burton

Nine unique friends come together for dinner; pasts will surface, motivations will clarify, relationships will be explored, and lost messages will be found.


The Last News Show on Earth

Written by Tristen Pateman, directed by Courtney Brown

A wild, lightning-speed, anti-capitalist, post-media comedy thriller about one news girl’s journey on the way to being woke and fighting for good!


Tide Tales 1.0 Review:

“Tide Tales is a fresh, funny, fierce show from an ensemble of great young talent.” – Harrison Mitchell 4/5

Duration 170 mins. 2 x 10 min. intervals

Recommended Age & Warnings
Suitable for ages 14+