Tide Tales Event DatesWed 18 Sep 2019 - Sat 21 Sep 2019 Riptide Youth Theatre Company presents

Tide Tales


Tide Tales is a series of short new works written, directed and featuring members of the Riptide ensemble.

Four young writers will be mentored by the Australian Theatre for Young People to create an original 30 minute piece of writing each.

Four young directors will then be paired to a script to bring the works to life with performers. An exciting project with Australian Theatre for Young People, this is one not to be missed.

Adult concepts explored – suitable for 15+

“The passion on display in all facets, is the kind that made me fall in love with theatre in the first place…” 5 stars – Daniel Morey (Isolated Nation)

Rust Town – by Max Baker, directed by Lexie Sleet

The year is unknown, time has been kinda hard to keep track of since the apocalypse… actually I’m not sure how you’re even reading this given the fact technology is so much worse now. Uhh… anyway. Humanity still finds a way to cling to traditions and political systems they lived by before the world changed. How would a small settlement of people imitate a democratic election without just taking over by force? I’m not really sure but you can probably find out in Rust Town!

French Onion Soup – by Lexie Sleet, directed by Tristen Pateman

Oscar has just turned 16 and life as he knows it has ended. It’s time to grow up, be a man and finally admit his feelings for his best friend Jess, but when it all goes wrong, how does he bring everything back together to make amends and heal? French Onion Soup is a look into the experience of masculinity from the perspective of mother, father, and son, and asks how we can find the strength to return to the vulnerability and tenderness we lived as children.

Critic – by Shekaila Walker, directed by Courtney Brown

Imagine a world that constantly has you on edge, gives you worries and irrational fears of things that could go wrong… now imagine it’s all in your head. Welcome to a day in the life of an anxious person. Mikayla, Jeremy and Kirsty all live with anxiety and in this ensemble driven piece they bring you little snapshots of their lives showing how they live and cope with anxiety, intimately delivering their innermost thoughts to you in a way you may never have experienced before.

Eva DuBivoir and the Quest for the Bloody Truth – by Ruby Liddelow, directed by Teaghan Lowry

In this unapologetically cheesy panty-mime Eva DuBivoir, a young and impressionable vagina, sets out on a quest to find out what’s up with the creepy Tampons she works for. Along the way she meets MC Wiz who turns out to be a woke AF menstrual cup, and once together they use the power of bad jokes and team work to bring down Tampons Inc once and for all!


Duration 140 minutes 20 minute interval

Education Workshop

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