Wetland Stories: Postcards to the Future Workshops Event DatesSat 14 Oct 2023 - Sun 22 Oct 2023 Marie Mitchell

Wetland Stories: Postcards to the Future Workshops

Postcards to the Future is proud to be part of Mandurah Arts Festival 2023 ADD TO FAVOURITES

Paint, write and share your wetland stories and values with the future generations. Join the workshops and activities at ManPAC from 14 October to 17 November 2023.

Do you love the wetland and want to share your stories and values with the future generations? Join us at ManPAC for Wetland Stories Postcards to the Future, a series of workshops and activities that explore the wetland through postcards. You can learn how to paint beautiful wetland scenes with watercolours, write a message to the future Mandurah residents of 2050, and decorate postcards with collage and stamps.

Your postcards will be displayed in the gallery and mailed to the future Mayor as a legacy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to express your creativity and connect with the wetland and its challenges. Register for the watercolour workshops or drop by the free activity table in the gallery during the ManPAC opening hours. See you there!

Duration Workshops 1 Hour Free Collage Postcard Activity – 1 month

Recommended Age & Warnings
Age 5-16

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