Young Artists Perspectives 2019 Event DatesFri 06 Sep 2019 - Sun 06 Oct 2019

Young Artists Perspectives 2019

with generous support from Doral Mineral Sands ADD TO FAVOURITES

This exhibition highlights the contribution of young people to the ongoing growth and wellbeing of our society.

The Young Artists Perspectives exhibition and program provides students with a forum to express their ambitions and apprehensions in relation to their future and that of society. A project focused on arts education in partnership with Alcoa of Australia. This exhibition embraces the process of making and presenting works by students that encourages their development for self-expression and original thinking. Visual Arts Education within the Community Program allows students the opportunity to work with professional artists to create original works where the viewer is taken on a journey that becomes a fascinating encounter of contemporary ideas and new ways of seeing.

Duration Opens Friday 6 September Closes Sunday 6 October
Made possible with support from Doral Mineral Sands