Livelighter World Music Sunday – Salama

Our Livelighter World Music Sunday’s ended the year in spectacular fashion with Salama delivering a high-energy performance incorporating music and dance, catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms sung in Malagasy and Creole languages!

Maloya is a percussion-based cultural treasure with a complex and painful history, born out of slavery, developed clandestinely and banned by the French authorities until 1981. Today Maloya is associated with ancestry, Creolisation and blissful freedom. Salama (meaning in Malagasy language ‘How are you? I am good! healthy, wealthy) is grateful to be pioneering in the sharing of Maloya in Australia.

From the old worlds to the new world, the LiveLighter World Music Series showcases a diversity of high-quality music and dance from around the globe. Supported by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message, we are keen to support our community to change the food and physical activity environment.