Mandjar Art Awards


Previous winners of the Mandjar Art Awards
These works are managed and held by the MPA Inc. Please click on the Artist's name for further information.

2017 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Sixties Child (Self Portrait)
Giclee print on aluminium
Artist: Roger Dickinson

2017 Regional Award Winner

Title: Closing Circles
Silk dye on recycled plastic
Artist: BOCK



2016 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Memories of Telfer
Oil and Enamel on canvas
Artist: Amanda Marsh

2016 Regional Award Winner

Title: Manjoogoordap Elders
Oil and Beeswax on Board
Artist: Heloise Lorimer

2015 Corporate Award winner

Title: Gorge Landscape 2015
Oil & pigment on canvas
Artist: Jo Darvall


2015 Regional Award Winner

Title: Girl ‘B’
Mixed Media
Artist: Paul Fleetham

2014 Corporate Award Winner

Title: 1,778 kg
Mixed Media on Board
Artist: Judy Rogers

2014 Regional Award Winner

Title: Find Me Here (Tim #3)
Oil on Canvas
Artist:Mark Tweedie

2013 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Fighter
Ball Point Pen on Arches Paper
Artist:Andy Quilty

2013 Regional Award Winner

Title: Typographic Landscape – The Orange Tree
Acrylic on Board
Artist:Patricia Hines

2012 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Point of Return
Timber on board
Artist: Monique Tippett

2012 Regional Award Winner

Title: Emergent #1
Digital on perspex
Artist: Paul Fleetham

2011 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Sleeping Buddha (Kununurra).
Medium Oil on Canvas
Artist: Jacinda Bayne

2011 Regional Award Winner

Title: Cloud Drift
Watercolour on Paper
Artist:Robert Ewing

2010 CorporateAward Winner

Title: Crossing 2
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Trevor Richards

2010 Regional Award Winner

Title: Inflorescence
Jarrah & Synthetic Polymer
Artist:Monique Tippett

2009 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Ruch No 6
Colour Pencils on Masonite
Artist:Janis Nedela

2009 Regional Award Winner

Title: The Dream Maker
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist:Michael Vincent Murphy

2008 Corporate Award Winner

Title: The Moment
Oil on Cavas
Artist:Warayute Bannatee

2008 Regional Award Winner

Title: Incendiary devices – red heads
Artist:Patricia Hines

2007 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Seven Strems
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Geoffrey Wake

2007 Regional Award Winner

Title: Shell Section
Acrylic On Canvas
Artist:Carolyn Marks  

2006 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Home Open
Acrylic & Mixed Media
Artist: Michael Iwanoff

2006 Regional Award Winner

Title: Crabbing at Nairns
Photograph on Cavas
Artist:Heather Moseley  

2005 Corporate Award Winner

Title: Dissolving Forty Two
Oil on Cavas
Artist: Jonathon Campbell

2005 Regional Award Winner

Title: Julia
Acrylic Pyrographic Work on Wood
Artist: Monique Tippett

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