Morning Concerts WAYO Christmas and a fond farewell to Sacha Mahboub.

What a wonderful way to wrap up our Morning Concerts for 2023 with the fabulous WA Youth Orchestra performing our favourite Christmas carols and songs.  We also bade a fond farewell to our Morning Concerts host of 13 years Sacha Mahboub. Sacha’s been a part of the ManPAC family for many years and we wish him a very happy retirement as he steps away from hosting our Morning Concerts.

Sacha and Peter were joined by friends from far and wide, including Mayor Rhys Williams and Minister for the Arts David Templeman who entertained us with a rousing rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as we celebrated Sacha’s wonderful journey at ManPAC.

Don’t worry though, the Morning Concert series will continue in 2024 with a fantastic line-up of favourites and new performers to grace the ManPAC stage…. 2024 Program