Nurturing Local Talent

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is supporting young, emerging theatre makers, focusing much of our energy on assisting them to find ways to grow and develop their craft.

Most recently we have been working with Robbie Fieldwick (Perhaps Theatre) to provide him with an opportunity to collaborate with UK based creators Wright & Grainger. Robbie has a long history at ManPAC but this development opportunity saw him getting advice and guidance to create a new work – Prometheus.

Robbie connected with Wright & Grainger and learnt about processes that could enhance his directing skills and production expertise. As a result of the relationship, he built with the company, Robbie is now on tour with Wright & Grainger as part of their production team and was kind enough to send us this short video while currently working in Adelaide as part of their Adelaide Fringe run.

The skills Robbie has developed through this connection will enhance his knowledge of professional theatre making allowing him to bring these skills back to Mandurah, and put them into practice in future productions, right here, in his home City.

Thank you for your kind words Robbie, we look forward greatly to seeing your career progress.

Nurturing Local Talent