Current and Recent Projects


Current Projects


Riptide is creating a site-specific performance for the Stretch Festival Opening event on the 6th May.  Inspired by the opening’s outdoor setting and theme of Alchemy, Riptide will draw inspiration from Mandurah’s natural environment to create three physical theatre pieces for this event.

Director: Scarlett Yakovina

Choreographer: Ruby Liddlow

Performed by the Riptide Ensemble



Our next major new show will be an exciting contemporary adaptation of a classic Shakespeare play. Devised and performed by the Riptide ensemble with direction from our artistic director Kathryn Osborne, this piece will be presented in the Fishtrap at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in September 2016.


We are currently working with Perth/London performing artist and storyteller Allan Girod on developing a new show to be performed in early 2017. Allan has a vast range of experience including preforming the role of Giant Clown in the Cirque du Soleil touring production of Corteo. Allan also runs his own theatre company called Flaming Locomotive and has produced a number of critically acclaimed solo performances that have toured internationally.


Past Projects


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In 2014 four Riptide members participated in the International Performance Company as part of The Tin Forest project that took place during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The Tin Forest International Performance Company consisted of 5 pop-up theatre works based on sites in Glasgow and the Helen Ward illustrative story book ‘The Tin Forest’. The project explored and celebrated Glasgow’s history and its people.

Inspired by the process undertaken in Glasgow, The Red Tree was a devised outdoor physical theatre work based on the Shaun Tan illustrated book ‘The Red Tree’ which follows the day in a life of a young girl seeking hope. Our version of this heart-warming story was told through dance, physical theatre, comedy, live music and unique lighting as the sun set behind Mandurah’s famous Fig Tree.


My.Selfie Fringeworld web

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.” – Bob Dylan

Do we know as much as we think we do about growing into adulthood here? My.Selfie invites us to venture a little into the private worlds of our young locals with honesty and humour.

With the support of the Australia Council for the Arts in 2014, Riptide developed My. Selfie with the mentorship from an outstanding team of artists including writer Suzie Miller and director Sarah Giles from Sydney and choreographer Helen Duncan from Melbourne.

In December 2015, with the support from the Lesley Couzens Fellowship, members of the company travelled to Melbourne to develop the production with help of these artists. On their return, Riptide showcased their more resolved production at the HubBub Festival 2015 in Mandurah, in association with Fringe World Perth. This was achieved with the directorship of Scarlett Yakovina.




Journey to Oxygen is a film that was written, devised, produced and performed by Riptide Contemporary Youth Performance Company. It is based on the theme of the fragility of the prehistoric thrombolites at Lake Clifton in the South West of Australia.

The project involved two groups of young people – The Dancers and The Research & Film team. The Research team focused on  filming, writing, sciences, creative planning, and technical support.

In making the film, local young people were given an opportunity to express their thoughts, concerns and emotions about their local environment through contemporary dance, poetry and original music composition and production.

They worked in conjunction with a fantastic creative team; Melbourne based choreographer Helen Duncan, local choreographer and ex- Riptide member Rebecca Boddy and emerging choreographer Scott Galbraith. Scott was also a member of the 2011 Riptide team before continuing his training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts through the Certificate Program.

Annamaria Weldon, a celebrated WA poet, gave the participants a poetry reading on site and talked with them about what the area meant to her. She has drawn much inspiration from the life, both past and present, around the Lake Clifton area in her work.  This input from such a prominent local artist helped them to resolve their own motivations and results.

Music was written for the film by young and emerging local musician, Zal Kanga-Parabia, one half of the folk-blues duo, The Woods.

Journey to Oxygen was made with the much appreciated support of CANWA and the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.