B2M (Bathurst to Melville) are a seven-piece Indigenous RnB band hailing from the Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands, 80 kilometres north of Darwin where the Arafura Sea meets the Timor Sea. Formed in late December 2004, B2M are strong Tiwi men who write, sing and perform music that creates conversation across cultural, social and geographical boundaries.

Building on their international touring acclaim, in China, East Timor, Taiwan and, most recently, Ireland, B2M are now embarking on their first national tour. Their show Mamanta – meaning ‘friend’ in Tiwi – presents a unique performance, Tiwi style!  Accompanied by their new album, Mamanta will present a map of musical influences and explorations from around the world, while drawing on the rich local history of Tiwi Islands. Incorporating footage and imagery of contemporary Tiwi life, including church practice, football and influences from their art centres, Mamanta is a vibrant cultural experience told through a mix of dance, chants, song and film.

With such a strong tapestry of stories to draw from, including songlines that have never left the Tiwi Islands before, Mamanta will be unlike anything ever seen. If you’ve never had an opportunity to travel to the Tiwi Islands before, this show is sure to take you on an illuminating cultural journey.


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“B2M… wow, the music, the joy, the talent- it was contagious. It would have been a standing ovation that demanded an encore- but everyone was already on their feet dancing! We couldn’t get enough of them!”

Phaedra Watts, Artistic Director, Nannup Music Festival

“B2M Is Indigenous Australia’s Answer To The Backstreet Boys”

Cayla Dengate, Huffington Post

“B2M is the Tiwi Islands boyband conquering Asia”

Helen Davidson, The Guardian