ManPAC and pvi collective presents


prepare for city-wide disruption as the streets are taken over, one game at a time, by deviator. this immersive, outdoor game with a smart phone guide invites audiences to temporarily transform their city into a playground.

as a deviator, your mission is to seek out and activate 15 audio instructions hidden in public spaces and play as many of the games as possible. games are scored in terms of difficulty and range from activities such as ’sack race’ and ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses’, to ‘spin the bottle’ and ‘twister’. each game encourages players to explore their public space in a new way and deviate from the norm.

having received a deviator smart phone and brief induction from a member of pvi, you take to the streets for one hour, ready to play it out to become the highest scoring deviator of the night!

are you ready for some serious play?


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“the thought the show provokes is about the odd tension, in 21st century urban life, between the infantile and the desperately over-controlled; between leisure lives that seem increasingly childish, and public and professional lives ever more grimly focused and dehumanised. the value of deviator is that it bridges that gap, and reminds us that rich full lives demand a more integrated sense of humanity; both play that is less mindless, and a public life that is more playful, more creative, and less dismal.”

joyce mcmillan on deviator at the arches, glasgow, for the scotsman

If you let it, though, “deviator” has the ability to swallow you whole, and I would highly recommend that you do. The work is fuelled by that most admirable of qualities: playfulness.
Above all, “deviator” is really, really fun.
Zoe Barron, Artshub