In Between Two

ManPAC Presents


Two trailblazing stars of the Australian music scene survey the forces that have shaped their way.
TZU’s and ARIA-nominated producer James Mangohig are icons of Australian hip-hop, but their family histories are as complex and layered as their lyrics. Both half-Asian, their respective heritages are woven through their experiences growing up in Australia.
From a nightclub-owning grandma in an open marriage to globetrotting parents with a political streak, the pair lovingly paint a canvas filled with failed proposals and religious strictures, casual racism and empowerment through music.



“Full of humour and poignancy, the show carries a potent — though brief — message about racism and explores questions about identity in a multi-cultural Australia.”


EVOLUTION of a uniquely Australian form of hip-hop music plays out side-by-side with the struggle to forge a cross-cultural sense of identity through two astonishing, very personal family stories in the multimedia work In Between Two.


“We are our ancestors’ unfinished sentences, we are their wildest dreams and their most elaborate re-mixes,” says Asian-Australian rapper Joelistics’ (Joel Ma) at the end of a breathtaking 70 minutes of beats, raps, and storytelling in In Between Two. It is a verbal tribute to his ancestors that opens up a kind of cosmic dance for all of us, for elders past and present, and for those of us born here, who came here, and those whose identity is complex and multiple.