Lé Nør [The rain]

ManPAC Presents


A voiceover in gibberish narrates a love story via English subtitles, but the characters in our film have other ideas.

Set on an invented island metropolis during the time of a great drought, then rain, then flood; their entire world and culture becomes engulfed by the rising water. Amid this environmental calamity we intend to celebrate the endurance of the human spirit with a tale of intimacy and romance; of lust, love and heartbreak; of requited and unrequited love; the personal stories that we as humans love to hear and tell, that can seem feeble yet somehow heroic in the face of impersonal and cataclysmic natural forces.

Escaping one love story for another, the story weaves through camera tricks and theatrical magic. A rich story full of heart, humour and pathos; a story of love in a world that is falling apart around it.


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