Me and My Shadow

ManPAC Presents


Me And My Shadow is about the fanciful escapades of a girl making friends with her shadow.
Children love to play with shadows, but making friends with your shadow can be a tricky business. There
are things to sort out, problems to solve, adventures to have and laughter to be shared.
Me And My Shadow is a gentle magical visual poem for children, using paper, light, shadow, colour,
water, music, sound and words to create a world of play where the imagined becomes real. With
fantastical imagery, quirky physical performances and an intriguing score, Me And My Shadow ignites
the imagination in a poetical experience that explores the trials and joys of friendship.



“This is must-see children’s theatre”
– Peter Burdon, The Advertiser

“A feast for the eyes that reaches straight, crystal clear to the hearts of all ages.”
- David O’Brien – DB Review