The Book Project

In 2022, our Community Engagement Coordinator Mark Labrow was approached by Dudley Park resident Sandie Bentley, a local author, educator and all round supporter of youth creativity. Sandie had written two children’s books inspired by mental health that she hoped to produce and sell to benefit a local youth health service.

Her dream was to produce the books herself but unfortunately she has encountered many obstacles over the last few years. Sandie has undergone serious brain surgery and also had spinal fusions which meant she needed to put her health ahead of her books.

Sandie asked ManPAC to find an artist and a group of young creatives who could take the text that she’d written and bring it to life through illustration, turning her story into a picture book for children.

The book (written under her pen name Sally Maignt) is entitled Franklin’s Terrible, Wonderful Day and follows a young lion who is navigating mental health and friendship. Thanks to the sponsorship of The John & Bella Perry Foundation, Community Bank Halls Head and David Templeman & Carole Dhu, the team at ManPAC have been able to find an artist Sam Hughes of Inkling Arts to lead the process and mentor our team of 8 young creatives (aged 14-20) in the process of bringing the words to life and developing a style that will enchant and delight young readers.

Community Engagement Coordinator Mark Labrow said ‘Here at ManPAC we’re passionate about building on ideas that come directly from our community. We want to ensure that creatives in our local area can develop their skills and find opportunities to express themselves. This project has allowed us to achieve those aims and will also allow us to give something back to a valuable youth health service.’

The finished book will be launched in the next few months and will be distributed to local schools, libraries and educational establishments across Mandurah and Peel.

Supported by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message, we are keen to support our community to change the food and physical activity environment.