The ‘Heart’ of Wellbeing

This is a kindness project inspired by 1000 Hearts. As part of our Art of Wellbeing program we’re bring together a group of people, all of whom want to sew hearts to give to others. We invite people to join us informally, to drop in to our sessions and create something that can be gifted to others. The group is social, conservation and networking is key to what we do, you’ll meet others and develop friendships that will stretch beyond the life of the group.

We suggest that you hold onto the first heart that you make, this is your reminder that you are important, unique and needed.

Each heart created thereafter will be shared with a local charity, someone in need or an organisation that supports others wellbeing. Join us, become a ‘heartist’ sew, stitch, chat, consume coffee and spread some love and kindness.

2024 DATES
2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month – Commencing 14th February.

Please Register here or email us for further information.