YOHFest Free Youth Theatre Workshops

  • Theatre is about self expression, creativity and building confidence in your unique self.
  • Theatre increases empathy as it challenges us to step in to the shoes & mindsets of others.
  • Theatre creates strong friendships as you work together towards a common goal.
  • Theatre increases mental health by putting in to practice the ACT BELONG COMMIT ethos.

Brought to you by YOH Fest, Healthway, Act Belong Commit, Community Bank Halls Head, Manpac and The John and Bella Perry Foundation, these theatre workshops are free for ages 8 to 18 years and will be hosted by the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in March 2024.

The workshops explore different aspects of theatre including: Improvisation, Contemporary Abstract Theatre and Special Effects Makeup.


  1. Monday February 26th – 3:30pm to 5pm (Primary Students)
  2. Monday March 11th – 3:30pm to 5pm (Ages 10-18)
  3. Monday March 18th – 3:30pm to 5pm (High School Students)
  4. Monday March 25th – 3:30pm to 5pm (Ages 10 to 18)

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